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If you are unable to find the report, we can most definitely give it to you. All reports produced by our customers are kept in our database and are readily available upon request. Log into your account to find any previous reports you’ve created.


You must pay at Comprehensive Car Check for each fresh report you produce. The reports’ efficacy is constrained since the data they provide is dynamic. There’s a chance that a fresh report will differ dramatically from one created a few weeks ago.

According to the material found in the search engine results, it is untrue to say that a vehicle’s entry can be cleared of any outstanding finance markings in three working days. There are some circumstances where it might take longer; for instance, [2] states that it might take 7-9 days for a loan provider to confirm that a vehicle’s outstanding debt has been settled. When purchasing a used car, it’s essential to perform further checks to make sure there are no outstanding loans on the vehicle. It’s crucial to delay the sale until the outstanding debt is paid off. Before moving through with the deal, one should request that the seller settle the debt [1]. It’s important to remember that if a person buys an automobile in good faith and is uninformed that it is subject to a hire purchase or conditional sale, they may be able to keep it [3].


A car owner or seller must notify the DVLA if they get a personalised registration plate. When the data is changed, the Whole Vehicle Check reports will instantly reflect that change.

It is advised that you get in touch with our support team right away if you see a finance alert on any of the generated reports. This will help you to clarify the problem and improve your knowledge of it.



At Comprehensive Vehicle Check, giving users a flawless experience is our main goal. Simply select the “forgot password” option when presented upon login if you can’t remember your password.

Your report request may not have been fulfilled for a number of reasons, but the car in question is often over 20 years old. Because of this, Comprehensive Vehicle Check might only have scant information on these cars. Any inconvenience this may have caused is much regretted.

At Comprehensive Vehicle Check, providing our customers with an amazing, stress-free experience is our main focus. Your requests for reports will be handled quickly, we guarantee it. In reality, reports are frequently generated instantly.

While only registered automobiles are eligible for a report, it is first crucial to confirm that the vehicle is registered with the DVLA. A VRM could occasionally be “on retention,” which means that it is not assigned to a particular vehicle. Yet, improper entry is the most frequent cause of a VRM not functioning. When entering the VRM for the report generation, it is crucial to double-check that you are not confusing the number ‘0’ with the letter ‘O.

Whether you chose our free report or our premium service will affect the type of information you receive from our Comprehensive Vehicle Check report. You may quickly compare the features of both alternatives on our website to learn more about each one.


The VIN, a worldwide recognised unique identity for manufactured automobiles, is normally given to them. The DVLA has required that companies that offer vehicle history checks, including Complete Car Check, can only share the final few digits of the VIN in order to avoid car cloning and ringing. For this reason, we include the last four digits of the VIN in our reports. For our clients, we can still confirm the facts, nevertheless. Please get in touch with our support staff if you require assistance.

It is very likely that a car is used in fraud if the registration numbers on a moving vehicle do not match the VIN. It is impossible to rule out the possibility that the car was stolen and had its licence plates changed. There are numerous actions you can do in this circumstance. First, make sure all of your entered information is accurate. Typos frequently occur and can cause a mismatch. Second, take into account the likelihood that the seller may have taken a personalised licence plate off the car and re-registered it with the original plate. For further details, get in touch with the vendor. Finally, it is essential to contact the authorities if you have already acquired the automobile.

Although buying a used car might be difficult, if you keep these tips in mind, you can make the most of the experience. First, look into the car’s past, including prior owners, collisions, and maintenance. Secondly, inspect the vehicle’s appearance, interior, and engine. Thirdly, test-drive it to determine its condition. Fourth, think about getting a mechanic to look over the car for any potential issues. Fifth, go over all vehicle-related paperwork, such as the title, registration, and maintenance logs. Sixth, haggle over the price to make sure you get a good deal. Finally, if necessary, think about financing possibilities.

You may have access to thorough car reports with details on a vehicle’s history, including accidents, mileage, and ownership history, by making an account with Comprehensive Car Check. Also, you can choose to bookmark vehicle searches and sign up for alerts when a vehicle’s history is updated or modified. For future reference, you may also examine a list of previously searched automobiles and their reports. Discounts on upcoming car reports and services are also available. Also, you can take advantage of a quick and simple checkout process for buying car reports as well as committed customer support. Finally, you may safely manage and store personal and payment information for future purchases that are speedier.

We strongly advise selecting one of our premium plans if you’re considering purchasing a used car. Our premium inspections come with an outstanding finance check that enables you to decide whether it is risk-free for you to buy the car.


You can obtain thorough information about your selected automobile for nothing by using our free check. This contains details on the vehicle’s specs, ownership history, mileage records, and other information.

It is highly recommended that you perform a physical inspection and test drive of the vehicle, especially when dealing with private sellers. These supplementary checks are vital in verifying that the vehicle is in the condition you anticipate. Additionally, it enables you to detect any latent issues or defects that may not be immediately visible.


It would be really beneficial for you to choose a Comprehensive Vehicle Check from us before making any investments. Doing a Comprehensive Vehicle Check is strongly advised unless you are satisfied that the seller gave you a thorough explanation of the car. This report provides you with important information regarding the history of the car, including its prior accidents, MOT history, unpaid debt, mileage irregularities, and more. It gives you the ability to decide on your purchase with confidence.

Future upgrades to your Comprehensive Vehicle Check package can be made without difficulty. However if you run into any problems while upgrading, we advise you to get in touch with our customer care team straight once. Our staff is made up of skilled and amiable individuals who work hard to make sure you are happy with our service. They promise to address any questions or worries you may have.

You are qualified to benefit from our Full Vehicle Check guarantee if you have subscribed to one of our premium plans. We advise contacting our customer service staff or visiting our policy page if you want more information about the guarantee.

Contacting our support staff is a simple process at Comprehensive Car Check. You can get in touch with us by email or phone at (insert phone number) (insert email address). Also, you may quickly contact us because we are on several social media networks.

We suggest you to get in touch with us right away if you have any trouble accessing your Comprehensive Car Check account. Our experts will make sure that your problem is quickly fixed.

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